Our capabilities and service offerings:

Installation & Electrical Services

Texas Lighting has a track record of partnering with well-known and established ESCOs across the country.

We provide fully comprehensive installation resources, teams and personnel, along with varying degrees of project management based on specific needs to fully execute on the installation phase of large-scale lighting projects.

Past projects include city, county and state governmental facilities, military sites, multi-regional distribution centers, large multi-location retailers, correctional facilities, large event venues and educational environments.


Texas Lighting has years of experience in implementing complete turn-key lighting projects.

Full turn-key includes everything from the upfront energy analysis, lighting audits, economic investment and return analysis, project management, full installation and complete rebate and incentive management.

Turn-Key projects include clients across many different industries, including commercial real-estate, school districts, retail outlets, industrial warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, and multi-family properties.


When we execute successful lighting projects we often find ourselves working with those responsible for sustainability initiatives, and the discussion naturally turns to what other types of energy conservation measures can we assist with.

While there are many growing initiatives around sustainability and reducing carbon footprints, we believe the foundational starting point for energy reduction is fully understanding the overall energy usage.

Texas Lighting has partnerships that enable our clients to measure real-time energy usage, green energy generation, and identifying the consumption of where and when energy peaks are being consumed. Gathering this data and insights assist our clients in evaluating other energy conservation measures.

Equine arena & stable Lighting

Texas Lighting has deep roots and a special connection within the Equine industry and as a result, equestrian facility illumination is an area of expertise for Texas Lighting.

Our capabilities include evaluation of a variety of lighting that impacts the overall equine health, from enhancing hair growth to reproduction and limiting shadows within riding and show arenas.

Past projects include multiple indoor arenas for Jay McLaughlin Performance Horses, Cannon Quarter Horses, Still Creek Arena and other privately owned equine centers.

Fire alarm & Life safety upgrades

Between increased code requirements and regulations, along with the technological advances in fire alarm and related safety warning systems, building owners are faced with the reality that their fire alarm and other fire protection systems are aged, inadequate and potentially ineffective.

Given this reality, it has forced many facility owners to upgrade from older and outdated fire alarm systems to state-of-the-art fire alarm systems and undertaking this transition can be a very complex process.

Texas Lighting has partnered with leading industry providers of building technologies which has given us the experience and background required to be a trusted partner to assist in navigating this process, from design consultation, installation and testing to full project management.